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August/September 2020

August/September 2020

Regional RoundUp - August/September 2020

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What's Going On?

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North - Launceston Churches

City Baptist

  • City Baptist has worked its way through COVID-19 restrictions. Their property has a lot of users, adding a good deal of complexity.
  • Their recent AGM was a really happy, positive meeting.
  • Steve Cooper continues to provide great worship leadership.
  • Ministries to the street community, the Hazara people has continued and justice-making have continued.
  • The church has agreed to a request from the Nepali congregation meeting on the property for them to join the church. A careful process is now commencing.


  • Gateway are opening up the laneway near their art gallery (Artway) for lunches and hospitality to the community starting on Wednesday 2nd September. (Read More about Artway >>>)


  • $3000 was donated to Longford Primary School to assist Teachers and Parents struggling with mental health issues due to Covid-19.
  • Samaritan's Purse has come along aside the church in supporting the Seasonal workers with a grant of $6,000.
  • Food and clothing items have been donated to trapped Seasonal workers who currently have little work, can't go home, and can't get any income support as they are not Australian residents.
  • All of the church ministries have restarted. All have changed how, and in some cases where, they operate to accommodate Covid-19 health recommendations.
  • The church has enjoyed being back together each Sunday.


  • Newstead resumed services on Sunday 19th July. They have been using the opportunity to try different forms of gathering together.
  • The evaluation process they have been through as a church has been completed and there is an excitement of what God has in store for the future.


  • Summerhill are regathering for the first time on Sunday 6th September. There will be a continued online presence.
  • Summerhill has undertaken a branding workshop with S. Group, and a website redevelopment. A new logo will be presented to the church on Monday 21st September.

Regional - Launceston and Longford

  • On Sunday 27th September, the regional leadership teams for the churches of Launceston and Longford are meeting together to discuss further collaboration for the sake of our city and region.

Town and Country Churches

George Town

  • At George Town attendance is down slightly, but spirits are up. Some are taking advantage of a lull in activities and the at least partial relief from imminent doom by taking short trips here and there. Nobody blames them for that! Nevertheless, George Town is growing.
  • Last Sunday we hosted YWAM people, who addressed the congregation quite nicely. Visitors were there who say they will be coming back.

Beauty Point

  • Beauty Point are unable to meet in our regular venue.
  • When we can get together for worship, we meet at the Cormorant Cafe (Seahorse World).
  • They had zoom time with the Horton's in Texas.
  • The Men held an evening of coffee, hot chips and tea at the cafe, and the Women had an evening of coffee and chocolate.


  • Perth resumed Sunday worship service on July 12.
  • Ladies Craft Group, and Men's Time Out, shortly after
  • Bible study groups are planned to be up and going by early September


  • Please pray for Deloraine! On a good day, not an awful lot attend. On a not-so-good day, even less.


  • Latrobe returned to almost-normal services on June 14th (just the COVID-19 extras). Attendances actually increased!
  • No major problems except for morning tea and no hugs.
  • We have also recommenced Men's Shed and playgroup (14 children and 9 mothers at first meeting).

Lower Barrington

  • Lower Barrington is enjoying strong fellowship.
  • Services have recommenced.
  • The church continues to support evangelistic endeavours and missionaries.


  • Coastlands has been back gathering together since the August 2.
  • Not all our congregations have come back. Some due to illness, and others due to worry about catching the virus as they are in the vulnerable category.
  • It's great to meet up with everyone though.

Southern Churches


  • Our 10am service began a trial return for a couple of weeks from June 28. This gave us the opportunity to get our protocols in place and limit our numbers to invitees only.
  • We have continued our online service on YouTube, which is appreciated by many of our older folk. We use elements from our pre-recorded online service in our 10am service and have introduced at question and answer time, and moved to a retiring offering.
  • Our Karen, Mabuhay and Refuge congregations continue to meet in homes when they could have recently begun to meet in larger groups.
  • The redevelopment has been delayed by COVID-19.


  • We have returned to the buildings, and are facilitating social distancing by sitting around tables.
  • Fortunately, our auditoriums are big enough to fit everyone within the two square meter guideline.
  • We will continue an online service for those who won't be coming back to the building and those who have connected that way in this time.
  • As a church we want to step more deeply into prayer. So we are setting September aside as a particular month of prayer because we sense an urgent need for breakthrough and change at many levels.


  • We have about 30-35 people attending each Sunday. It was about 45 prior to the pandemic. We also share the service on Zoom, and can have 1 or 2 households watching that way.
  • About a dozen people have not returned due to health concerns (mostly elderly and vulnerable to COVID-19).
  • We have a cup of tea/coffee at end of service - no helping yourself, must be served by nominated morning tea person
  • On Sunday 2 August 2020 we had our AGM. We had lunch after the service, before the meeting. Rather than the usual bring a plate/casserole and share together we had two large pots of soups that were served in cups. Everyone was instructed to bring their own sandwiches, and dessert was drumstick/choc wedge ice creams. The goal is to avoid any sharing of crockery/cutlery.
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