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August/September 2020

August/September 2020

Foundations Online

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Unexpected International Mission

Citywide explores an out-of-the-box missional opportunity

The Opportunity

While many of us have discovered the reality of Zoom-fatigue, the platforms that became the core infrastructure of our churches for months are opening new global opportunities.

Citywide's Nepali pastors have been preaching in Nepal from the comfort of their Hobart lounge-rooms. Plus, the church ran the Alpha marriage course online. It was such a success, and so easy to do, and now they have decided they wouldn't do it any other way.

Similarly, the Foundations Discipleship and Leadership training course, that Matt Garvin taught with Fusion and at his previous church in Canada, had always been limited by the necessity of having trainers available. However, within six-weeks of lockdown, a plan formed to use what Citywide had been learning, and made Foundations available globally.

The Outcome

Trainers recorded video training sessions adapted for the online environment from where they were based in Japan, Jamaica, Perth, Geraldton, Indonesia and Hobart. And the course itself was hosted over Zoom, alternating between large group input, and small group exploration.

The 12-week course, which started on July 11th and will finish on September 26th, has served 80 leaders from cross the Asia-Pacific region. The majority of students came from Indonesia, with about 20 students in Tasmania, a group in Japan, a group at another Asian nation, and one student in Egypt.

In addition to the four hours each Saturday evening where students engaged with the material, they met once a week in small groups to review what they were learning and pray for each other.

The Future

The really significant thing about this course is that the videos and training materials that have been produced now mean the course is transferrable in a way it has never been before. A Hobart missionary team has already begun translating the videos and material for Uganda, and the Indonesian training team are planning to roll out the course in ways never before possible.

The Possibilities

  • Would you like to join with Citywide as they explore more online training?
  • Are you looking to do mission from your church using tried and true methods?
  • Do you have big dreams for your church that you find difficult to put into action?

To chat about any of these possibilities, or more, catch up with:

Matt Garvin, Senior Pastor Citywide:
Michael Henderson, Tas Baptists Leadership Development Coordinator:
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