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August/September 2020

August/September 2020

Faith and Climate


Creation is Being Renewed

God's great love for his creation, including all living things, is made plain in Psalm 104. The Bible is clear that, in Christ, God is wondrously renewing his creation (Romans 8:18-25) that eventually Jesus will establish his kingdom on earth (Matthew 6:10).

Romans 8:21Climate change has been politically controversial in Australia over recent decades. The basic physics has not been scientifically controversial for over a century. Although the climate has always changed over time, we are now experiencing dangerous changes to the globe never previously experienced in human history. Climate changes are rarely linear. Yet over decades the trends are self-evident.

Changes include rapid average global surface temperature rises, acidification of our oceans, a mass extinction event, the rapid melting of both the Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets, sea level rise and the observable increase in the intensity and frequency of extreme weather conditions. The key question for future generations is whether humans can stabilise average temperatures below a two-degree increase (based on pre-industrial levels) by AD2100.

Rapid changes at the personal, national and global levels are essential. Changes at the personal, social and political levels must include moving away from dependence on fossil fuel energy (having our net usage by 2050), near elimination of all plastics and the protection of biodiversity both on land and in our oceans. Fortunately some businesses, governments and individuals are taking bold steps.

Tasmania and Australia will be particularly well-positioned to benefit from transitions, if we can be 'ahead of the curve'.

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