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April/May 2021

April/May 2021

The Values Project

about us:

What Baptists Believe

4 Discussion videos, FREE for your use - watch them below

The Values Project is designed to help organisations, churches and groups reflect, talk and learn about our identity and values as communities of faith within the Australian Baptist movement.

As we are reminded of the values that underpin the historical and cultural backbone of our movement, we reflect on how these values impact our attitudes, practices and decisions in our unique contexts.

The Values Project strengthens our sense of identity, encourages connectedness and community across our movement, and informs decision making and leadership.

Who? What? Where?

The four videos each discuss a central value.

Each value is critical to our understanding of us as Baptists:

  • No. 1 Jesus-Centred
  • No. 2 Community
  • No. 3 Mission
  • No. 4 Freedom

The short videos are ideal for showing in home groups, during church services, or to those new to the Baptist church.

Discussion guides, sermon starters, additional reading, and more, are available. Find out more at Australian Baptist Ministries >>>

1. Jesus Centred

2. Community

3. Mission

4. Freedom

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