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April/May 2021

April/May 2021

Regional RoundUp April/May 2021

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North - Launceston Churches



Perth Baptist TabernacleThe town of Perth is 200 years old this year and is having a celebration. As part of the celebration a Thanksgiving Service will be held at the church on 28 May - the church has been an important part of the history of Perth, and we will talk about the purpose of the church: to provide a place to worship and as an outreach for the gospel.

More Activities

We commenced a Playgroup in late April, and have commenced a Men's Get together on a Tuesday nights. The initial meeting, which included an evening BBQ, was encouraging.

Our annual Garage Sale to support the Cancer Council was a great success with over $1,000 being raised.

We distributed invitations to our Easter Service to the community, and will do the same for Mothers' Day next Sunday.

Painters and Winners!

We have had a long term partnership with Mobile Mission Maintenance whose Tasmanian base is in Perth, We recently discussed with MMM the painting of our Hall.

MMM have a supplier arrangement with Haines Paint who undertook a promotion to provide free paint to community projects that were deserving of the paint. MMM were a winner and as a result we have our paint ($3,800 in value). Haines then undertook another promotion, listing the 4 winners, with one to receive the painters to paint the Hall as well. It was voted on by the community. We were advised that MMM are the winner for our Hall project!

We are truly blessed by a God who is good!


Harvest Service

At Sassafras Church we held our annual Harvest Service on the 21st March.

This event is a timely reminder that the Almighty never forgets us for a moment as witnessed by the overabundance of His supply of food.

It was, as always, hosted by our Sunday School Class and Leadership as pictured, below.

It was a delightful presentation which the children enjoyed as much as the adults. There was an abundant display of infectious joy and laughter, as well as a hush of wonder among the parishioners. All had their heart and soul in it.

All the adults noticed how the children had grown since last year, and ignored that they too had grown another year older. (Ignorance can be bliss!)

There was a new sense of unity and belonging in the Church. Many had participated in filling the "Harvest Boxes" with fruit, goodies and vegetables, to be distributed after the Service to those who were thought might have need of them.

A memorable occasion indeed!

Sassafras Baptists Harvest Festival 2021

Here is a poem written by Rachelle Long for the occasion:

We thank the Lord for Harvest now

with grateful hearts to Him we bow.

And in the garden, girls & boys,

The vegetables and plants rejoice.

There was a pumpkin, round and fat.

The Lord had made him fat like that.

The 'tatoes looked with jealous eyes

Upon the pumpkin's robust size.

The spuds were small and starchy and crisp.

The Lord had made them crisp like this.

The 'tatoes said "Lord, why is he

so large while we are small & sparse?

And pumpkin, hearing this, then replied,

"Friends, though I am large and you are sparse.

The harvest comes each year, we know.

Like lettuces, you have big hearts

And you are the apples of my eyes.

The Lord who made you is very wise.

He said to them "Don't go astray,

be thankful to God on this Harvest Day."

But garden fun aside, we know

It is the Lord who makes things grow.

The sun shines down to swell the grains

The garden loves the summer rains

The harvest comes each year, we know.

We thank the Lord who made it so.

Rachelle Long, 2021


Guest Speakers

With our Pastor Tim on leave currently, the church has enjoyed guest speakers who have focused particularly on their interest and passion for God's work: Marg Parry from Oasis Life Care Ministries in Zambia, and James Todd from Scripture Union Tasmania.


Our partnership with Launceston City Mission continues to bring a 'buzz' of people to the premises with many clients seeking assistance from the Mission or a meal from City Kitchen which operates four days a week providing a low cost, nutritious lunch.

Harvest Thanksgiving

We recently held our Harvest Thanksgiving Service with all funds raised directed to 'Warrawee', a shelter for women affected by domestic violence.


Ulverstone Baptist is certainly stepping into a busy and yet exciting season.


Easter weekend was a wonderful time together of reflection and celebration. It was such a joy to be able to gather for morning tea/coffee and hot cross buns after the service. This is the first time we have been able to continue church over morning tea since Covid-19 lockdown in March last year.

Easter at Ulverstone Baptist ChurchCraft Group

Our craft group continue to meet on Tuesday mornings and have knitted blankets, scarves, jumpers, and beanies for an organisation called "Knitting for your neighbour". As the weather continues to get colder, we have been told that some of these items have already been given out to those in need.

Bible Studies

UB Youth is pumped and enjoying term 2. A Chill Night, Clan Clash, Bonfire, Back to the Future 80's Night, and a Youth Take Over night has the youth team excited. Their G1 (God first youth Bible study) runs before youth, and is journeying through Jesus' words from the Sermon on the Mount. Our pursuit is to be genuine and authentic disciples of Jesus.

At the end of April, we began the Alpha series, and will spend the coming weeks with great company and great conversations about life, faith and meaning.

Sundays to Celebrate

The Church has very generously been gifted a steer! Yes, a steer ... in the form of packaged meat. Last Sunday, 2 May, we gathered for Celebration Sunday. This was a morning of thankfulness and appreciation and included morning tea and a BBQ lunch. Packaged meat was available for each household to take home with the opportunity to take a portion of that meat to give to our neighbours too. This was an opportunity to love like Jesus and bless those around us.

We look forward to Mother's Day, honouring the women in our midst and welcoming Bronwyn Waterhouse as our guest. A special morning tea is also planned.


Chaplaincy at Yolla School

We have been involved with the chaplaincy program at Yolla School. Lynnese the chaplain recently spoke at one of our services, which was very informative and interesting. It's always good to hear the about the wonderful work Lynnese does, but in particular, the effects from COVID 19.

We also regularly donate to the school breakfast club which is run two mornings per week.



New Elders

Citywide Mornington

Citywide recently held its AGM when four new elders were voted into the role, two of these are from our Nepalese congregation which is indicative of the growing integration between our cultures. The new eldership spent a full day together at Levendale for induction purposes and encouragement from the retiring elders.

Easter Picnic

On Easter Sunday we joined together for a church picnic and meditative walk around Risdon Brook Dam. Many in the church were involved in the community Clean Up Australia and Neighbour Days with some encouraging reports of neighbourhood ventures.

Walks and ANZAC Day

The monthly Blue Gum Pilgrim walks into nature are drawing people into God's creation - some walks are quite challenging, and others suiting families.
Again, we have run an ANZAC Day community and family event at Lenah Valley in conjunction with the Lenah Valley RSL. This is a great time of community engagement which is well received by all. Being a Sunday this year we forewent our normal services in order to serve our community, finishing with a brief time of praise and worship at its completion.


Church Growth

Claremont Baptist church

Claremont Baptist welcomed four people into membership on Easter Sunday, April 4. We praise God for the growth in our church.

May Mission Month

We are embracing Global Interaction with a May Mission Munch with a Cambodian/Thai theme in support of our missionaries in those countries.


Sanctuary Sunday/Harmony Day

HBC Sanctuary Sunday-Harmony Day

On Sunday 21st of March we celebrated our annual Harmony Day, which this year coincided with our very special "Sanctuary Sunday". There were contributions on the day from many of our multicultural congregations. It is always special to celebrate with people of many nationalities who have made Tasmania their home. At last count we had people attending from 28 different countries!

Good Friday Play Reading

Who Really Killed Jesus? A play by Fiona Bradley

This Easter at Hobart Baptist, a play reading was presented on Good Friday: Who Really Killed Jesus?

Written by our own Fiona Bradley, the play featured a talk show host (Jenny Baxter) who grilled a Pontius Pilate (Stephen Baxter), a Roman centurion (Sam Bradley), a Jewish priest (Michael Henderson), and a disciple of Jesus (Heather Galloway) about who was really responsible for the death of an innocent man - Jesus (Liam Conway).

The response to the play reading was very positive, with quite a few from other churches in Hobart attending.

You can listen to a recording of the play reading HERE >>>

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