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April/May 2020

April/May 2020

Tasmanian Baptist Youth Ministries

state-wide youth:

What's Going on for Youth and Young Adults?

Jenna Blackwell, our Youth Leadership Development Coordinator, describes the landscape for Baptist youth around the state during this COVID-19 era.

This issue of ADVANCE |step by step features two of the youth ministries in our state - I encourage you to read those articles.

These are not the only youth ministries in action arund the state - this is just a snapshot.

May I implore you to encourage our children and youth leaders however you can. It is not an easy task, especially given the current circumstances, and they need your support.

Youth Video Opportunity

I am creating a generations video to celebrate the young lives in our Baptist movement - it will be a compilation of spoken verses, along with videos and/or photos of thankfulness. If you're a youth, young adult, or have a young family, we would love you to be involved.
Please see the PDF for details HERE and contact me to be involved:

A few thoughts I've had:

  • 10 seconds each of something you're learning in this time,
  • Photo collage of things you're grateful for,
  • Written things on paper that you're grateful for
  • A few seconds each of people reading a Bible passage.
Here's one idea I've already received:
The current deadline for contributions is next Monday June 1st.
Our youth and young adults are welcome to film or capture something that is quick and simple. Can you contribute something?

A Time of Change

As we all know, COVID-19 has slowed many of us down and forced us to change, quite quickly. I take my hat off to those who have embraced the required changes and adapted ministries for the sake of the people - it is no small feat and, regardless of your involvement, your attitude and behaviour makes a world of difference. Thank you.

In late 2020 I had planned to take a team of young adults to Cambodia as a cultural exposure trip, through Global Interaction, but this has understandably been cancelled.

However, there are many exciting conversations around our state that include the possibility of a new regional combined youth group, day trips, weekend Aboriginal engagement trips, leaders retreat, and more.

What I am continuing to learn is that people are unique; plans change; change is good; good is a result of grace; grace is amazing; God deserves the glory.

COVID-19 Outcomes

Personally, with travel restrictions in place, I have spent the majority of my time touching base with people virtually, planning, writing, organising virtual retreats and corresponding with the Australian Baptist Youth Ministries (ABYM) team.

The ABYM team has two exciting projects on the go:

* An interview with Jake Mulder (pictured left) from Fuller Youth Institute (FYI) regarding post-COVID-19.

* A young adult engagement survey, to find statistics that represent the stories we have heard about young adults disengaging from church during COVID-19.

Stay tuned for more information on these.

Your Part in Our Story

It is a privilege to journey with people, to walk the road of highs and lows with another - to weep, to laugh, to share, to bless, to be blessed - but it is a privilege that we should all have in common, regardless of the current demographic of your church.

Whether you're an existing leader, a child, a young adult, a parent, a grandparent, single, married, working, a student, retired, rich or poor, joyful or sorrowful, lacking time or lacking courage, you can have a role to play in helping raise up our younger generations into flourishing disciples of Christ.

Our young people need support and commuity - they need you - now, possibly more than ever.

So, what can you do? You can pray. You can serve. You can encourage. You can mentor. You can cook. You can contact parents. You can smile. You can ask good questions. You can welcome change.

If you want to talk more about how you can support our younger generations, or if you are interested in some of the potential developments, please don't hesitate to contact me:

COMING UP: In the June/July ADVANCE |step by step, we will feature Jenna Blackwell to find out what she's passionate about, and what makes her tick.

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