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April/May 2020

April/May 2020

Regional RoundUp - April 2020

You can let us know what your church is doing HERE >>>

North - Launceston Churches

Online Services

City, Gateway, Longford and Summerhill are all engaging as best they are able into the online space.


Please pray for Newstead as they navigate this difficult and uprecedented time without a pastor.

A weekly newsletter is being sent to those who have email addresses, and posted to those who do not. It includes a devotion, some prayer points, and hints on staying well and active during this time of isolation. There is also information about joining Summerhill's online service, and an encouragment to stay in touch with others.


Gateway are saving recorded messages and sermons onto CD or DVD, and delivering them to the homes of our older members who do not have internet access. This enables them to keep up with the preaching and teaching schedule, and helps them still feel part of the church. They are very appreciative of these measures.

Street Community Meals

Weekend takeaway meals for the street community are continuing to be distributed in inner city Launceston at both Gateway and City Baptists. Please pray that God's love will be communicated through this service.

Regional Leaders

There was a prophetic moment in our regional Baptist leaders gathering for our northern region (all the best prophetic stuff goes down there) . . .
Leadership teams from five of our six Launceston churches met on a Sunday afternoon to dream and discuss together how we could be a blessing to our city in ways we couldn't do as solo churches. One of the comments was that we really have no idea what the future is going to look like: the church will be different in future generations and so we must come to the place of being ready to die to self and surrender our buildings, services, finances, volunteers...everything to allow God space to do a new thing.
We had no idea that less than a month later, everything would change.

How we can be Jesus to our city? We are going to meet again as regional leaders via Zoom to have an updated conversation of how we can be Jesus to our city in this moment. We want to pray we have the courage to embrace this new reality, and let go of what needs to be let go of.

Jenna Blackwell - Youth Development Leader

On Saturday April 18, I ran an online retreat through Zoom. This was a first, but hopefully not the last. Seven people from across Tasmania joined in at short notice, not all of whom are from Baptist circles.

We spent time looking back on lives and our story thus far to see, with fresh eyes, how God has been present and providing, and looking for any common themes. We all looked at work and rest in the areas of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, as well as reassessing our priorities and weekly timetable.

It was a wonderful time and certainly something I wish to do more in the future. If you want to make sure you hear about the next one, just send Jenna an email:

A Word from Maddy Svoboda (MLT Launceston)

I would encourage all regions to reach out to fellow churches around you and connect and have conversations similar to the north. We are in unprecedented times, and I'm learning that unprecedented times call for different gospel-shaped measures, and flexibility.

South Churches

Citywide - Mornington and Lenah Valley

A statewide church service is being broadcast from Mornington on Sundays in conjunction with Wynyard, Coastlands and Riverlands Baptist churches. They will also be launching a 3pm Wednesday more traditional church service for those who are missing hymns. You can watch HERE >>>

Zoom is becoming the "new-normal" to host small groups, daily cuppas and a range of meetings.

An April Fool's Day post published on Facebook had a lot of reaction! They threatened to turn a bus into a roving church service where Matt would preach at people through a megaphone. See it HERE >>>

Auditorium Renovations: With the auditorium not being used, it seems timely to undertake the work involved to move the wall and the associated works. This change will reduce the size of the main auditorium, and for the next five years, provide greater space for one of our main tenants, Clarence Gymsports. Our Facilities Team will manage this project and have done the necessary ground work for this to commence next week. The building work will take about two weeks and will be followed by painting, and then the church tech team will do their work as restrictions resulting from the virus allow. This should mean that by the time we meet again at Mornington, it will be in the newly renovated auditorium.

Citywide's Hobart Nepali Church

The Nepali church are hosting all services through Zoom, which has had the added benefit of allowing guest preachers from Nepal!

They are also working hard to care for students and others who are trying to survive without government assistance.


Michael Henderson: Compassion and RenewalAn online service goes live every Sunday at 10:15am using YouTube and Zoom. The church are pleased with the engagement so far.
Watch services HERE >>>

Planned for Easter, Artist-in-Residence Michael Henderson's art exhibition "Compassion" and "Renewal" still went ahead, proudly opening to an empty house.
Read about it HERE >>>

Hobart's Sunday bulletin the "Connecter" has been converted to an online version, still sent out weekly via email.


Claremont are focussing on strengthening their communication in this time, and connecting through Zoom.

Coastal Churches


Louis and Gabe Fife have just completed hosting 5-weeks straight of online services!

The Tasmanian Baptist News & Prayer notes are emailed to the congregation every week. And fromt his week, the new ADVANCE | step by step!


Vivian and GwenithLike many other groups, a number of Coastlands people are developing new skills through Zoom by joining the Citywide Sunday morning service. They aloso have a share and prayer Zoom catch-up meeting, later in the afternoon.

A 'buddy' system has also been set up to ensure that people are contacted regularly, and Pastor Gwenith and Vivian are sending out weekly news and prayer points and short messages.

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