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April/May 2020

April/May 2020

May Assembly for Tasmanian Baptists


We were to have met as a Union on Friday/Saturday May 8-9.

Due to the impact of COVID-19, and the restrictions placed on us by government authorities, we cannot meet in-person, as normal.
Secretaries have been informed of the process, outlined below.

This process allows for us to attend to the minimum necessary to enable the Union to function.

The proposed is a departure from our constitutional procedure. So the decisions made, and the process used, will be ratified at the next "normal" assembly, hopefully in October.

If you have any questions please contact Chair, Peter Clark; Administrator, Rodney Marshall; or Mission Director, Stephen Baxter.


  • The next Assembly of the Baptist Union of Tasmania will be held via mail and email during the week ending Saturday, 9 May 2019.
  • Churches are requested to nominate delegates for the Assembly. Registered Pastors as listed in the 2020 Handbook are also eligible to vote.
  • The papers were circulated on April 3 to allow churches to ask questions and request additional information by April 24.
  • Any answers or additional information will then be circulated by May 1, together with voting forms for the motions to be put to the meeting.
  • Voting forms should be mailed/emailed back to the office no later than May 8.
April 3 Papers circulated
April 24 Questions or requests for additional information to Rodney
April 24 Nominated church delegates to Rodney
April 24 Pastors who will participate to Rodney
May 1 Responses to questions and additional information circulated
May 1 Voting forms circulated
May 8 Return of voting forms

Chair, Peter Clark
Administrator, Rodney Marshall
Mission Director, Stephen Baxter

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