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April/May 2020

April/May 2020

Jobkeeper Program Information

The Government's Jobkeeper and "Cash Flow Boost for Employers" programs are now in place.

On Monday (April 20) Tas Baptists' Administrator, Rodney Marshall, ran a Webinar on how to assess your eligibility, register for the program and roll them out for paid church staff. There is much that needs to be done by April 30. Please keep your Admin team in your prayers... their work load has just gone up!

The Jobkeeper program reimburses Churches for $1,500 per fortnight for each employee. For some part time Pastors and office staff this will result in a boost to their salaries (up to the $1,500pf minimum payment). Those Pastors working 2.5 days per week or more, will usually remain on the same salary. For the churches employing them, the funding will reduce the cash flow burden for the 6 months of the program, saving the church up to $19,500 per employee.

While this helps the churches with Pastors, the churches without a pastor receive no government assistance. For some who were tight on cash flow, this may be a devastating blow. If you are in this situation or struggling in other ways, please talk with your regional minister or Rodney (

If you missed the meeting with Rodney on Monday you can still watch a recording HERE >>>

And here are the corresponding PowerPoint notes >>>

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