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April/May 2020

April/May 2020

Free Training for Educators, Kids Church and Youth Group Leaders


News from our Foster Care Partner

Our friends at Fostering Hope have let us know about some important online training, now available. Fostering Hope, assist Tasmanian Baptists with our foster care initiative.

Does your church run a great kids program? Or have a youth group who meet regularly?

If so, your educators and leaders could be interested in some special FREE training being offered.

From the Fostering Hope website:

As you would be aware, the children in our foster and kinship families, may be suffering more than most now (during COVID-19). They are children that thrive on routine, structure, and familiar people, all of which are not present right now. For carers, access to respite care, babysitting, allied health, and childcare are also not available, so carers are working doubly hard to support the children in their homes. We encourage you to reach out to these families at this time and check in on them, a friendly phone call, bunch of flowers, or encouraging note could make a huge difference.

To find out more about this free training, check out this News on Fostering Hope >>>

And stay tuned for next week's ADVANCE | step by step!


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