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April/May 2020

April/May 2020

Be a Catalyst and Make a Difference!


Baptist World Aid makes a difference, and you can be part of it

Have you ever been confronted by poverty and felt helpless?

You are not alone ...

Here's a way to help: local Catalyst groups!

In February Tasmania hosted two Catalyst launches at Citywide Lenah Valley, and LifeWay Baptist Church, Devonport.

At these Catalyst launches we considered how to put our faith into action through advocacy, that we are not helpless, and that, in fact, we can raise our voice as Christians and make a real impact on global issues of injustice.

Catalyst is a movement of grass roots advocacy groups in local Churches that Baptist World Aid equips to raise their voice and take meaningful action to tackle poverty and modern slavery around our world.

Are you part of a social justice group at your church? Or simply interested in advocating on issues of poverty and exploitation? Now you, and your church, can join with Baptist World Aid and make a difference!

We encourage Catalyst members to form groups to mobilise and agitate for change in their community. But you don't have to be in a group to be part of Catalyst.

What you can do

This year we have a focus on building a relationship with your MP around issues like Australia's New International Development Policy Review. And how to engage your community around issues of ethical fashion.

During April and May we are encouraging our Catalyst groups to consider ways they can engage their communities and networks to utilise the Ethical Fashion Guide and build awareness around issues of exploitation in the fashion industry. (You can download a digital copy of the Ethical Fashion Guide, 2019 HERE >>>)

We will resource our groups with a framework that helps them identify the unique opportunities that exist for them to engage their community and raise their voice in preparation for our Ethical Fashion report to launch in October. (Ethical Fashion Report 2019 >>>)

We would love you to join us, because we can't do this in isolation, we need your voice. We all have a part to play . . . and we'd love you to be part of the story!

Rebecca Oates
Advocacy Manager, Bapitst World Aid


1. Start a Catalyst Group

Find out more about how to start a Catalyst group at your church HERE >>>

2. Contact Your Tasmanian Catalyst Coordinators:

Launceston Kay Hunter

TaCC Jeff Mckinnon

North West Nicholas Alexander

Hobart Joanna Sinclair


Stephen and Matt with
Peter Keegan, Director of Advocacy &
Bec Oates, Advocacy Manager

Catalyst Launch
Lenah Valley
Bec Oates presenting

Catalyst Launch LifeWay
Bec Oates Presenting

Catalyast Launch LifeWay

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