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June/July 2020

June/July 2020

Destination Asia - Supporting Ryan and Suzie Smith


Ryan and Suzie Smith prepare to join Global Interaction's South Asia team

At Global Interaction, one of our privileges is introducing new candidates for cross-cultural work to our churches.

Ryan and Suzie have had an ongoing interest in South Asia, which grew while serving in the pastoral ministry at Kyneton Baptist Church in Victoria. Over the last six years, Ryan has served as Global Interaction State Director for Vic/Tas.

Having facilitated numerous church-group visits to the Global Interaction team in South Asia, their connection with this work has deepened. Recently, their particular interest in South Asia has grown to become a sense of call.

Ryan's heart for discipleship, and Suzie's expertise as a disability physiotherapist, equip them well to support the Global Interaction team and their NGO platform in South Asia. They are beginning culture and language learning this year in preparation for joining the team.

Before they commence, Ryan and Suzie would love to share their story and sense of call with others.

Over the coming months, they are available to connect with your church, small group or individuals online, and would love the opportunity to visit with you in the future. This time before they depart is a valuable time of preparation, for both Ryan and Suzie, and for the people who will support their ministry.

It is a time to connect, exchange stories and build relationships that will become a source of inspiration and support for them into the future.

While Ryan and Suzie have been called, they cannot begin without a network supporting them from home. They are looking to build a team of individuals, small groups and churches who are committed to partnering with them in this ministry through prayer and/or finances.

I look forward to hearing from you to express interest in Ryan and Suzie sharing with your fellowship.

With much blessing,

Geoff Maddock |
State Director
Global Interaction Vic/Tas

Download Ryan and Suzie's introductory card >>>

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