Partners in Christian Mission

2020 Vision


The 2020 Vision Team, comprising representatives from most of the Baptist churches in the Hobart region, aims to grow Baptist church life in the Greater Hobart Region to 2,000 people attending 20 communities of faith by the year 2020.

The 2020 Vison Team currently has Stephen Baxter acting as Director.

Mr Joel Ortiz has been recently welcomed back to working with the 2020 Vision Team and Hobart Baptist Church, after a period of working with a church in Melbourne.

Nathan Lattimore and Dan Hutchison are undertaking a church planting internship working with the 2020 Vision Team to investigate and hopefully establish a new community of faith.

More comprehensive details of the 2020 Vision and the strategies for implementing it are available by downloading the following documents:

2020 Update - Spring 2015

2020 Strategic VisionGrowing Together Report
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