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UNPLANNED Movie Night, Friday Nov 15

You Are Invited!

Jenny Baxter, Tracy Ortiz and Leeanne Garvin invite you to join them to see the critically acclaimed UNPLANNED. It's the true story of a young Christian girl, Abby Johnson, who tries to care for women in a Planned Parenthood clinic. But discovers one day it is not all it seems.

This is a very sensitively done movie, but it is rated M for mature themes.

When: 7:00pm Friday November 15

Where: Village Eastlands

Cost: $22 payment online by clicking link below

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Loved and Not Forgotten

Recently, I've been thinking a lot about Hannah, the mother of Samuel.
Read her story in 1 Samuel 1 >>>

Hannah was one of those invisible women. She was not "seen" nor understood by her husband. Her female counterpart is described as her "rival". And the man of God, Eli, thought she was drunk! In her distress, Hannah turned to God, who did see her. He immediately performed a miracle of inner peace, and she was "no longer downcast".

Do you feel unseen, undervalued and misunderstood?

You are not alone. Many women (and men) feel like this. But please know God sees you, values you, and understands you.

That miracle of inner peace is there for you too.

Jenny Baxter
Tasmanian Baptist Women

Baptist World Alliance Women's Department Announces Officers-Elect

(FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA, USA - October 1, 2019)

The Baptist World Alliance (BWA) Women's Department is pleased to present Karen Wilson of Maylands, Western Australia, as the new President-Elect and Sherrie Cherdak of Fairfax, Virginia, USA, as the new Secretary/Treasurer-Elect, for the next five-year term running from 2020-2025.

The BWA Women's Continental Union Presidents elected the future leaders in a prayerful, thorough, and joyous search process.

"We were amazed and humbled by the excellent nominations we received from all over the world. We marveled at God's abundant gifts in the outstanding women leaders from every continent we met during the search process," said Dr. Ksenija Magda, current President of the BWA Women's Department. "We are excited and grateful for the great unity in our final decisions. I am convinced the Lord is leading Baptist women to a new level."

Karen Wilson brings to the position her passion for helping people grow into their full potential, coupled with vast experience in ministry, working with women, and organizational strategic management. She is a gifted communicator, widely-traveled international speaker, and cross-cultural change agent. She currently serves as the Director for Strategic Relations for Baptist World Aid Australia/Transform Aid International.

Wilson outlines her vision for the ministry as follows: "I dream of a global ministry where women champion one another and stand together (Zephaniah 3:9); where they understand their responsibility to the family of God and encourage one another forward (1 Thessalonians 5:11); where they meet regularly and are aware that they are not alone (1 Corinthians 14:26); where they come together and await the move of the Spirit of the living God (Acts 2:1); where they stand alongside their brothers in unity (1 Corinthians 1:10); and where they stand firm in the one Spirit, striving together as one for the Gospel of Christ (Philippians 1:27)."

For the past ten years, Sherrie Cherdak has served as treasurer at Calvary Hill Baptist Church in Fairfax, Virginia, USA, where she also serves on the governing board. She also recently began serving as interim bookkeeper for the BWA Women's Department. Cherdak brings years of experience and skills as a secretary, bookkeeper, and business manager in two nonprofit organizations. She has a deep desire to make a difference in the lives of women.

"The BWA Women's Department is making an eternal impact through their commitment to prayer, mission, and leadership development," said Rev. Dr. Elijah Brown, BWA General Secretary. "I am grateful for the skills and passion that Karen and Sherrie are bringing to these positions, and I encourage all BWA Baptists to join me in prayer for these women of God."

The Baptist World Alliance Women's Department elects new leadership every five years. The Executive Committee is comprised of the President, the Secretary-Treasurer, and the seven Continental Union Presidents - the latter being elected by their respective Continental Women's Unions. All the positions are volunteer. In addition, the Executive Director, a staff position, is an ex officio member of the BWA Women's Department Executive Committee. Moreen Sharp of Canada is currently serving as Interim Executive Director.

The two new officers will be confirmed and inaugurated into their positions during the Global Conference of Baptist Women, taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from July 17- 20, 2020. The quinquennial Baptist World Congress will follow July 22-26, 2020.

For more information about the 2020 Baptist World Congress, visit

For more information about the Global Conference of Baptist Women, visit

Name Change: Baptist Women's Union of the South West Pacific

President Elissa Macpherson writes ...

Sat November 9, 2019

I wanted to inform you that we have changed the name of the continental union which represents Baptist women of the Pacific region to our global body, the Baptist World Alliance. We are no longer called BWUSWP - Baptist Women's Union of the South West Pacific

Now we are called (drum roll please)...

BWP- Baptist Women of the Pacific!

We felt the previous name was too long and needed to be more succinct and easier to communicate. It is also consistent with the terms of reference used by the Baptist World Alliance (BWA) and the Asia Pacific Baptist Federation (APBF). Gosh, we do love a good acronym!

This new name will be rolled out in the next few weeks. This also gives me a chance to thank you sister to sister, for all the amazing ways you serve our great God and his daughters.

Bless you and I look forward to serving in the trenches with you.

Elissa Macpherson
President of BWP (Baptist Women of the Pacific)


Women of PapuaInsights from President Elissa Macpherson

Why, as an Australian, should we care about the Baptist Women's Union of the South West Pacific (BWUSWP)?

Especially when it feels so far removed?

My reply? Because the Baptist sisters in the South West Pacific care about us! The Baptist sisters of New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Papua, Fiji, Vanuatu and Tonga have us in their hearts. (Picture at left shows some women of Papua)

In August I attended the BWUSWP conference in Fiji. It was a colourful palette of Pacific culture which affirmed and encouraged my faith.

I met a gorgeous woman from West Papua. West Papua is a country currently under siege from Indonesia, which seeks to violently and forcefully shut down their right to independence. She spent five years in prison struggling for, as yet denied, self-governance.

My new Papuan sister came up to me, grasped my hands with hers and, in her broken English, asked, "Australian? You Australian?"

"Yes, Australian", I replied overwhelmed by her emotional affection.

Tears in her eyes, she said, "Thank you, thank you, thank you. Australian Baptist missionary come and tell us about Jesus. Our lives were saved." She then bent over and kissed my hands.

The women of BWUSWP deeply care about us as Australian sisters-in-Christ and yearn for us to care about them.

It's not just Papua.

Did you know the highest rates of domestic violence against women in the WORLD is in the Pacific? A girl in PNG is much more likely to be raped than receive tertiary education. There is witch-burning in PNG, not last century, but just last month!

One woman at the conference, from a small village in PNG, left her family for 6 months to live in Port Moresby so she could get a passport and visa to come to the conference in Fiji. Such was her depth of desire to connect with her Pacific sisters!

Another PNG woman hobbled around the conference crouched over her walking stick. I was told: "See that sister? She travels seven hours in an outboard motor dingy to deliver clothes to a poverty-stricken island."

Still another sister shared about God's prompting to go to a village to pray for healing for the villagers. Burdened because they could not afford medical care, she fasted for two weeks, went to the village and prayed. The results: a blind man was healed, a lame man could walk, a criminal gang member walking past fell to his knees in conviction.

Our Pacific sisters care and give so much! The greatest gift they share is their passion for God and their passion for fellowship - communing together with God. It is devastatingly humbling.

It takes four hours to fly from Sydney to Darwin. It also takes 4 hours to fly from Sydney to PNG. These are our geographical, economic and political neighbours.

There were so many other stories like these! I wish you were there!

I could tell you so much more about the wonder and passion of our Pacific sisters who asked me: "Where are the Australians?"

They are longing to connect with you, my dear Australian sisters.

That's why care about BWUSWP.

Elissa Macpherson
Newly appointed President of BWUSWP

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