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On this page you will find articles that have appeared in the Tasmanian Baptist bi-monthy magazine Advance - Together in Mission and other interesting news.

By sharing stories of Baptists as a missional movement, we aim to inspire and motivate innovation in mission. We aim to celebrate successes, identify issues and challenges and profile the breadth of Baptist mission. We hope to generate discussion and input on articles and connect you with activities and issues through our social media presence and conversation.

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ADVANCE - Together in Mission - April 2018

Welcome to the April 2018 edition of Advance - a bimonthly newsletter, written by the leaders and members of the Baptist Churches of Tasmania, for the people of the churches. This...

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ADVANCE - Together in Mission - February 2018

Welcome to the February 2018 edition of Advance - a bimonthly newsletter, written by the leaders and members of the Baptist Churches of Tasmania, for the people of the churches. This...

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ADVANCE - Together in Mission - December 2017

Welcome to the December 2017 edition of Advance - a bimonthly newsletter, written by the leaders and members of the Baptist Churches of Tasmania, for the people of the churches. This...

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Introducing ADVANCE - Together in Mission

We are excited to announce the return of Advance - a bimonthly newsletter, written by the leaders and members of the Baptist Churches of Tasmania, for the people of the churches.

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Tasmanian Baptists and the Postal Plebiscite - a letter from Stephen Baxter (Mission Director)

October 2017: As I write, Australians have begun receiving their letter from the Federal Government inviting them to participate in the postal survey on the redefinition of marriage. You may already have received yours.

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Listen! Confidently Acting on God's Guidance - Jenny Baxter

C a r o l e King's hit from the 1 9 7 0 s , "Where You Lead - I Will Follow", is a song I loved to sing along...

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Be Missional, Be Trinitarian - Laurie Rowston

Have you heard people say that we Baptist Christians are characterised by our desire to be members of "missional churches"? What are we trying to communicate? Has it got something to...

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Does Advocacy Have a Place in Mission? - Jeff McKinnon

The great evangelical leaders of the Nineteenth Century and earlier often exhibited a strong commitment to social justice and compassionate ministries. Wesley, Wilberforce, Finney and Spurgeon are but a few obvious...

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There's Hope for Us Yet - Renata Carmichael

On March 8 a workshop with Karl Faase was held looking at revitalising local churches. This was repeated in Ulverstone the next night. Provided here for you is a brief summary...

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Mission Summit 2015

On November 20, 2015, Baptists from around the state will come together for a two day summit on the subject of local mission. Our guest speaker Paul Griffiths is the founder ...

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The Role of the People - Rodney G.S. Tedds

Almost 50 years ago, I attended the induction of a new minister at the Moonah Baptist Church. A Church leader was speaking; most likely it was the Secretary. He said that ...

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Innocent Afflictions - Renata Carmichael

There are many things which we do without ever questioning. Things that are just part of our culture. Most of the time this is fine. But occasionally we say things - ...

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Palliative Care Incubator - Stephen Baxter

Earlier this year, to assist our churches and faith communities to be involved in mission, MLT have set up three incubators: a "Pioneering" incubator to assist churches develop new initiatives such ...

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Pioneering Incubator

Pioneer Incubator (PI) is a Work Group set up by the Tasmanian Baptist Mission Leadership Team to "hatch and nurture" new mission leaders and teams who will forge completely new territory ...

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Revitalization Incubator - Stephen Hendrick

At our Baptist Assembly in September 2014, Ivan James gave a key note address highlighting our movement forward as a denomination since 2009. The letter Ivan sent in 2009 in his ...

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Incubators Plus! - John Smith

My wife Heather and I have been involved in the hobby of exhibiting poultry for some time; over 45 years to be a little more precise! We have had a lot ...

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The Right Tools - Renata Carmichael

Hammer. Camera. Iron. Arbotech. Scissors. Sledgehammer. Key. Saw. Needle. Knife. Computer. Screwdriver. All of these things are tools. Tools are things that do jobs. Think about the tools I listed. Now, ...

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Responsibility - Paul Stevenson

The fences are gone, but you can still see the fence posts. So we still know where the fences used to be. (We can still read them in the Old Testament. ...

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Church: There for Us? OR There for Others... - Stephen Baxter

I think we sometimes forget God has entrusted us with the task of bringing the good news of his love, as demonstrated in Christ, to our local community - wherever it ...

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Casual Discipleship - Paul Stevenson

There are so many discipleship programs available today. And most of them contain very valuable material, but is the concept of a discipleship program for all Christians Biblical? In Deuteronomy 6 ...

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I Maked These - Renata Carmichael

In a webcomic I enjoy,, there are a few comics which feature Gallbladder as a character. Gallbladder is presented as being like a small child. The first time we see ...

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Following Jesus ... in a World that Doesn't - Jeff McKinnon

Image source: The only responsible basis for challenging current social norms and practises is an evidence-based conviction that there are better alternative(s) for both individual and collective living. Exactly! That ...

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Evangelism or Development - Melanie Wellings

You may think that the evangelism vs. development debate is so last century, but as someone who works with both Global Interaction and Micah Challenge1, I know there are many of ...

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Cross-Cultural Ministry in the Local Setting - Ivan Jordan

I can't help asking, why is it that Australian Baptists in foreign mission are intentional, relational, adaptive and creative in their expressions of evangelism -but at home we seem to-be ad-hoc, ...

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No More Potted Plants - Ivan D James

Nearly 130 years ago, the foundations for Tasmanian Baptists were established but there are important differences between our origins and our ministry today. Baptist historian Laurie Rowston* reports ...

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Have an Ethical Christmas - Renata Carmichael

Have an Ethical Christmas It’s that time of year again. In the lead up to Christmas we hear the desperate calls of consumerism, begging for our custom and insisting that expensive...

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