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Royal Commission Inquiry into Institutional Response to Sexual Abuse

The Commonwealth Government has appointed a Royal Commission to inquire into institutional responses to allegations and incidents of child sexual abuse and related matters.

The Baptist Union of Tasmania is preparing its submission to the Royal Commission. As part of this process, our church leaders have been asked to report whether they are aware of any allegations or incidents of child sexual abuse arising from any ministry activity associated with any Tasmanian Baptist church or any organisation affiliated with the Baptist Union of Tasmania that occurred within the last 30 years.

All churches in the Baptist Union of Tasmania have now submitted their reports and a the results from this will be submitted to the Royal Commission in due course.

Full details are available on the Commission's

To make a report please click on the appropriate link below:

Form of report from an organisation affiliated with the Baptist Union of TasmaniaForm of report from a former pastor of Tasmanian Baptist ChurchAttachment to a report from a churchForm of report from a church

Public Questions Issues

Issues of public interest and concern are kept under review by our Public Questions Officer, Mr. Eric Lockett.The Baptist Churches Assembly has set policies on many of these issues and statements are released to the Media from time to time.

In order to make a clear statement for guidance and give a Christian perspective on the treatment of the elderly or sick , in the midst of rapid advances in medical technology and a growing debate about the so-called 'right to die', a recent Assembly adopted a policy on End of Life Issues.

To contact Eric on issues of concern or interest, please email:

Click here to download the policy statement:

Public Questions May 2016 1PQ Messenger (Marriage and family) August 2012End of Life Issues Statement

Respect and Care

It is important, as God's people, that our churches and leaders set a high standard of care to all those who participate in ministries offered in our churches. The communities in which we live should be able to know that our churches are safe places for all to be.

Our duty of care applies not only to children and youth, but to the elderly and disabled, and all who place themselves in our midst.

Leaders in our churches should model their leadership on the example of Jesus as they deal with staff members, other leaders, or those who join with us to worship or participate in activities offered.

Training is provided for leaders in areas of Responsible Care of Children and Youth.

For further information, please contact us.


The Annual Assembly of the Baptist Churches of Tasmania held on 25th October, 2008 unanimously approved a new Constitution which forms part of a review of the structure of our Baptist Denomination to take us into the future. A copy of the new Constitution is available for download.

Baptist Union of Tasmania Constitution, By Laws and Union Trusts
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